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I was not surprised to hear from this rumor


"I was not surprised to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins hear from this rumor that they also talked about other coaches who have succeeded in different countries but I am currently teaching Zenit and I am very happy here and I did not consider taking over the national team Things, my goal is to help Zenit win the league title. ""We were very unlucky with Sweden. Especially in the second round, the team wasted a lot of opportunities. But football is such a weird sport. Sometimes everything seems to be unfavorable to you, but you can not do anything about it.""All countries have to go through this new and old process, which is obviously the case in Italy, but I believe Italy will soon return to the top of the world because we have a lot of talented young players."
20.11.17 03:50


Defensive line is Real Madrid weakness


Defensive line is Real Madrid weakness, but Zidane adhere to trust Navas, Rush Crown stage recovery state multiple Savior's return of the coach, the three main defender is "offensive defensive" Ramos this season into Cheap FIFA 18 Coins the 10 Ball, a personal career record, Marcelo League assists 10 times, is the top five defender assists, Carvajal 11 assists in all competitions, assists more times La Liga defender.In the Champions League final, Real Madrid defensive sharp defense, showing a very strong combat effectiveness, the double crown is deserved. With the European Super Cup at the beginning of the season, last year's World Club Cup, Real Madrid swept four titles within a season, only the King's Cup failed to win. A single season, won four times, also set Real Madrid team history record (before only 1955-56,1988-89 and 2002-03 season, had 1 year 3 crown), so that the Real Madrid 2016-17 season.2017-18 season Champions play-off second round of the preliminaries 5 games, Naples 2-0 win again Nice, a total score of 4-0 cut, Callejon and Ingizgnu break; Sevilla 2-2 draw with Istanbul home , A total score of 4-3 cut, Escudero and Benjyder achievements; Astana home 4-3 Celtics, Celtics score 8-4 cut. Olympiacos 1-0 defeat Rijeka, two rounds 3-1 cut.
19.11.17 03:42


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